Saturday, October 21, 2017

Play The New Howard Track Here!

The new song from NY band Howard is a blast. I think I sort of overlooked the band's first record. But this, the first single from their upcoming second album, makes me think I made a big mistake back then.

Howard -- Howard Feibusch (guitar, vocals), Alex Chakour (guitar, synth, backup vocals), Myles Heffernan (bass), and Chris Holdridge (drums) -- have here offered up something with "Mother's Wedding" that sounds vaguely like Radiohead trying to cover a track from The White Album. Inspired by a dream that leader Howard Feibusch had, the track was apparently recorded with different sets of instruments and guitars on each verse. Lyrical and dream-like, the cut is a nice first taste of the band's upcoming album, the follow-up to their Please Recycle EP from 2016, and their first long-player in 2015.

For more details on Howard, follow the band via their official website, or their official Facebook page.

[Photo: Sonya Kitchell]