Friday, October 6, 2017

In The Mirror: A Few Words About The New One From Nurses

Aaron Chapman and John Bowers are Nurses. They make music that falls outside of any easy genre label. They have made a new album called Naughtland and it's out today. That's about all I can say about this record that will sound conventional.

If opener "In The Mirror" has a nice lush majesty, then the clanging "Fortress" edges closer to territory usually occupied by the likes of MGMT, maybe. Elsewhere, the lovely "Afterlife" nods in the direction of electro-pop pioneers from earlier decades, while "Why" goes even further back, to early post-punk provocateurs, for inspiration. As Naughtland progresses, it gets more interesting and difficult, with numbers like the title cut echoing old Marc Almond records, or even Fad Gadget ones. Still, things end on a lovely note with "Yours To Keep", a bridge between the "difficult" and "lush" on this record.

Naughtland is out as of today. More details via the link below, or from the band's official Facebook page

[Photo: Chantal Anderson]