Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Have You Met Me: A Few Words About The New One From Spectrums (ex-Sansyou)

Spectrums is a new D.C.-area trio made up of members of Sansyou, Cobra Collective, and The Third Proramme. The players here include David Barker on guitars, Simon Ley on drums, and David Nicholas on guitars. David Barker was in Cobra Collective and The Third Programme, as was Simon Ley, while David Nicholas was, of course, in Sansyou. The band's debut release, Thanks For Your Kind Words, is out via Bandcamp now.

The music of Spectrums is blissfully unpretentious instrumental stuff, with respectful references to bands from the Eighties waves of 4AD bands, as well as suitably appropriate nods in the direction of obvious shoegaze pioneers. The fine "Have You Met Me" echoes Sansyou, while the more deliberate and forceful "It's All You Need" and "Seven" expand the formula by pursuing a less contemplative path. If "Who Asked" references Brotherhood-era New Order a bit, it's the rippling closer "Permanent Victims" that signals another course that this band could pursue as the twin guitar-lines of Barker and Nicholas knit an intricate sonic figure over Ley's jazzy drum fills. Part Dif Juz and part Johnny Marr, the cut is, like the others here, an indication of where Spectrums are drawing inspiration from.

Fans of Pale Saints, Cocteau Twins, and The Durutti Column should find a lot to love here with these 5 cuts from Spectrums. Here's hoping that the band releases more music soon. Thanks For Your Kind Words is out now via Bandcamp. More details on Spectrums via the band's official Facebook page.