Sunday, August 20, 2017

Here Among You: A Look At The New Album From Bodies Of Water

The Los Angeles-based band Bodies Of Water make music that sounds like a few acts you probably enjoy already (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Scott Walker), as well as a handful you probably need to seek out (The Triffids, Crime and the City Solution). The band's newest record, Spear In The City, is out on Friday and it's a record full of the best sort of American music that certainly deserves a lot of attention.

If "Here Among You" nods in the direction of Scott Walker, and even Gene Pitney, the more sedate "I'm Set Free" suggests Canada's The Dears. David and Meredith Metcalf, the main 2 musicians driving the ensemble in Bodies Of Water, seem fully in command of a variety of styles here on Spear In The City, and those range from the vague gospel-isms of "Hold Me Closer", to a nod to Motown styles on the superb "Echoes", and on to the title cut with its gentle folk-y perambulations. At their very best, like on the bold "New World", the band sounds like they are taking equal inspiration from Mike Scott, Simon Bonney, and even the young Bono. This is big music, to reference Mike Scott again, and it's also very American music of the sort that is rarely attempted anymore. Nearly epic while remaining concise, each tune here on this album delineates a neat little stretch of wide-eyed sonic exploration. Taken as a whole, Spear In The City could be the soundtrack to the most epic road trip you'd ever dream of making across the American Heartland.

For more details on Spear In The City and Bodies Of Water, check out the band's official website, or their official Facebook page.

[Photo: Uncredited promotional image]