Saturday, June 24, 2017

Silence Overgrown: A Look At The New Kane Strang Album

The last album from Kane Strang, reviewed by me here, offered proof that the New Zealand music scene was alive and well. Offering up more distinctive indie-pop, the new Kane Strang record, Two Hearts and No Brain, is out on Friday via Dead Oceans and it's the sort of thing that expands on his earlier material while keeping his signature sound intact.

Opener "Lagoons" offers up a Pavement-like shuffle, while "Silence Overgrown" shines thanks to a bright melodic hook. Elsewhere, on "Oh So You're Off I See", Kane shares a near-surging riff-rocker, while "My Smile Is Extinct" is the sort of angular indie that recalls the work of fellow countrymen The Clean from decades earlier. A big chorus elevates this one so that it's a clear highlight of Two Hearts and No Brain. The superb "Summertime In Your Lounge" cranks along with a bit of a woozy rhythm, a rougher variation on the sort of songs that Kane cranked out on his earlier album.

A fine, thoroughly solid record, Two Hearts And No Brain is out on Friday on Dead Oceans.

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[Photo: Loulou Callister-Baker]