Saturday, June 10, 2017

Heads Up About A New Covers EP from Le SuperHomard Featuring Lake Ruth

The American band Lake Ruth have recently contributed a fine cover of a song by French band Le SuperHomard to an EP that features a whole handful of other stellar indie acts. The original swirls with the sort of retro-pop charms that Stereolab and The Cardigans once routinely released. The cut has been covered and remixed by a handful of bands on a new EP called Dry Salt In Our Hair, out now.

The Lake Ruth cover of the tune expands on that sort of appeal to add a more robust instrumental base to the cut. There remain, certainly, some parts that will appeal to those of us who were weaned on Pram and Broadcast, but the musicians around Allison Brice are working on those riffs with a real sense of purpose and, for that reason, the number has a uniquely live-in-the-studio vibe about it.

Play "Dry Salt In Our Hair" by Lake Ruth below and then get more details on Lake Ruth via the band's official Facebook page.

More details on Le SuperHomard via that band's official Facebook page.

[Photo of Lake Ruth by Matt Sculz]