Monday, May 15, 2017

Your Voice On The Radio: Yet Another Superb Dave Depper (Death Cab For Cutie) Song Drops

Dave Depper of Death Cab For Cutie is building up an impressive buzz ahead of the release of his upcoming solo album, Emotional Freedom Technique. That record will be out in June on Tender Loving Empire and it is going to be a splendid offering if the end product is anything like the three cuts that have dropped so far.

Most of the tracks that have been shared so far have hinted at a kind of modern New Wave that owes as much to, say, mid-period O.M.D. as it does to Depper's own Death Cab For Cutie. The latest song to be revealed, "Your Voice On The Radio", sees Depper share vocal duties with Laura Gibson for a single that is remarkably similar to some of the stuff that band-mate Ben Gibbard produced in The Postal Service. Depper, like Gibbard, seems wonderfully at ease in commandeering these styles from the past to produce something that is at once modern, a bit retro, and entirely full of heart. This cut, like the previous 2 tastes of the upcoming full-length, is delightfully melodic and the very best kind of emotional, unassuming, and direct indie-pop.

For the time being, enjoy yet another fine track from Dave Depper, and then follow him on his official website in the run-up to the release of his upcoming solo album, Emotional Freedom Technique on Tender Loving Empire next month.

[Photo: Jaclyn Campanaro]