Saturday, May 27, 2017

They Know: A Look At The New LP From Steve Kilbey (The Church) And Martin Kennedy (All India Radio)

The new album from Kilbey and Kennedy, Glow And Fade, is the sort of release that builds upon the musical legacy of each player here. Steve Kilbey, of course, was in The Church, and Martin Kennedy is in All India Radio. Both bands make music that has been called space-y, and yet the tunes of each artist are fairly durable pieces of alt-rock craftsmanship. However, the songs here on this new album, out now on Golden Robot Records, are a bit more adventurous and expansive than those that these 2 musicians have released before.

The epic 16-minute "The Game Never Changes", for example, marries electronic hooks like those from a Giorgio Moroder soundtrack with something nearly on the level of Animals-era Pink Floyd. The effect is an impressive one as the cut never lags despite its length. "They Know" treads a safer path, while the lovely "We Are Still Waiting" sees Steve Kilbey offer up one of the best melodies released under his name in decades, the guest vocals from Selena Cross adding to the beauty of the track. Elsewhere, "Levitate" travels a space rock route, while the ominous "The Story Of Jonah" blends a slightly sinister vibe with a bright, electro-pop sheen. "One Is All" is simple and direct like the best slow songs on those 4 essential Brian Eno vocal albums from the Seventies.

Glow And Fade is just enough like a Church album, or an All India Radio one, that fans will not feel totally lost when listening. At the same time, the songs are risky in the right kind of way, full of quiet moments of transcendent beauty and musical enlightenment. Trippy and suitably futuristic in scope, the music on Glow And Fade is impressive and proof that these 2 work wonderfully together.

Glow And Fade is out now via Golden Robot Records. Follow Kilbey and Kennedy via the duo's official website, or on their official Facebook page.

[Photo: Martin Kennedy]