Saturday, May 6, 2017

Getting Better: A Quick Word About The New Live Album From Twin Peaks

The boys in Twin Peaks just released a live album without a great deal of fanfare. The group is still on tour -- aren't they always on tour!?! -- and they play D.C. on Tuesday. But, in the midst of a busy schedule, the fellas decided to capture their live magic on the Urbs In Horto release.

As expected, the group share a generous selection of cuts from both 2014's Wild Onion and 2016's Down In Heaven, as well as a few other nuggets. So familiar songs like "Flavor" from that first album are here pummeled into submission, the results sounding like something from The Replacements, while "Holding Roses" from that 2016 album reveals the band to be quite capable of Stones-like levels of showmanship. Elsewhere, "Getting Better" offers a ramshackle charm reminiscent of old Little Feat records. That's not to suggest that Twin Peaks are a jam band -- though there are weed references on this live record, rest assured -- but that they are a unit at ease with each other as players. So much at ease that a languid stab at Rolling Stones classic "Dead Flowers" can easily flow into the rougher, Pavement-like rockier vibes of Twin Peaks standard, "Strawberry Smoothie" from Wild Onion. Still, at their very best Twin Peaks create a sort of racket that remains wholly unique, as witnessed by the fun-yet-frazzled run at Making Breakfast" here on Urbs In Horto.

Out now, Urbs In Horto is a good introduction to the appeal of Twin Peaks, and a pretty good showcase for the talents of these kids. More details on Twin Peaks and Urbs In Horto via the band's official website, or on the band's official Facebook page.

[Photo: Daniel Topete]