Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pinch The Dream: In Which I Explain How This New CFM Record Rocks

To say that the new album from CFM, Dichotomy Desaturated, out tomorrow on In The Red Records, rocks is to state the obvious. Given that this is Charles Moothart, he of Fuzz and Ty Segall's band, it shouldn't be any surprise that this is full of similarly unhinged acid rock head-bangers.

There are numbers here that are clearly heirs to the Segall lineage ("Lethal Look"), and others ("Voyeurs", "Desaturated") that echo material further back from rock history, namely stuff like Syd Barrett and Marc Bolan catalog selections. Elsewhere, tracks like "Pinch The Dream" and "Rise And Fall" burn with a sort of Blue Cheer-like vibe similar to what Segall employed so successfully earlier in his career. The late Sixties/early Seventies were certainly a fertile ground for this sort of thing and Moothart, like Ty Segall before him, is wise to mine it carefully. That some of this even transcends its obvious points of inspiration is something to be applauded too, Moothart having produced something that is more than just one long homage to an earlier era. Much of Dichotomy Desaturated is exactly what you'd expect from a Ty Segall band-mate but it's still a blast and a whole lot of fun. There's no need to get too heavy about this, nor try to analyze it too deeply. For the most part, CFM is just rocking out, even as a rare cut or two here tries to do more (the longer "Dead Weight", or the lovely-but-trippy "Message From The Mirror").

Dichotomy Desaturated by CFM is out tomorrow via In The Red Records.

[Photo: Denee Segall]