Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tell All: Free Tunes From D.C.'s Ain't No Mountain High Enough (History Repeated, The Key Figures)

Blurring genres with the ease of Superman leaping a tall building, Ain't No Mountain High Enough are here with some new tunes. The D.C.-area band make music that some might call metal upon a quick listen but there's far more going on here than in most metal tunes. Melodic and riff-driven, these new cuts are supple beasts indeed, and one shouldn't be too surprised at that fact given that a few members of this band were in seminal local acts like The Key Figures and History Repeated.

The new EP, More Entertaining, kicks off with the roar of "Cut 'Em Off", all mid-period Slayer riffs reshaped into something more palatable and accessible. "Tell All" is a touch punk-ier, harDCore mixed with early Black Flag and revved up considerably. Meanwhile, "Amfortas" and "Pennies" similarly bridge the worlds of speed metal and American hardcore with ease and an economic approach ensures that the maximum effect is achieved with just 4 players. Really, these numbers sound massive, like the best early Andrew WK cuts, the genres of indie-pop and metal melded so easily.

More Entertaining is out now from Ain't No Mountain High Enough. More details via the band's Facebook page.

[Photo: Band's Facebook page]