Thursday, February 23, 2017

Heads Up About The New Luxury Death EP Dropping Tomorrow On PNKSLM

If it's from Manchester, it's probably worth listening to. That's advice I've given myself and followed for decades now, ever since the rise of The Smiths, and then Madchester. And if it's on PNKSLM, it is definitely worth listening to. So, the new EP from Luxury Death, a Manc band, on PNKSLM, a Swedish label, is the sort of thing to get excited about.

The 4-song Glue EP opens with the familiar "Radiator Face", a Luxury Death single from last year and, so, an early fave from this duo for me, before segueing into the sinister title cut. The superb "Listerine" unfurls like early Ultra Vivid Scene, or that "Don't Ask Why" number from My Bloody Valentine's seminal Glider EP. This release from Luxury Death closes on the skewed pop of "Needle" which seems to be all Pixies and Breeders hooks impressively redone for a new century.

Manchester's Luxury Death are yet another band on this label worth following intently. One can only assume that this new EP is the first in a string of fine releases from this band. It's best to get on board with this act now.

Glue by Luxury Death is out tomorrow via PNKSLM. Follow Luxury Death via the band's official Facebook page.

[Photo: Uncredited band photo from group's Bandcamp page]