Thursday, January 5, 2017

Turntable Exiles: New Tunes From New D.C. Supergroup Foxhall Stacks (ex-Minor Threat, Government Issue, Jawbox, and Velocity Girl)!

Such a new proposition that they don't even have any cool band shots up on their Facebook page yet, but what they do have is a pair of killer tunes. Foxhall Stacks is a new D.C. supergroup. Featuring Jim Spellman (Velocity Girl, The High-Back Chairs), Bill Barbot (Jawbox, Burning Airlines), Peter Moffett (Government Issue, Wool, Burning Airlines), and the legendary Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Government Issue, Dag Nasty, The Meatmen), Foxhall Stacks make sharp, punchy power-pop that the indie world needs more of.

The band dropped their first bit of music tonight and the 2 cuts are superb. The cleverly-titled "Turntable Exiles" throws down like the best tracks from Superchunk, Dag Nasty, or even D.C.'s other supergroup, Dot Dash. The flip, "Worried", is more conventional but no less affecting. Recalling the more memorable numbers from The Posies, circa Frosting on the Beater, or even Sloan, this one hints at the strong heft of this band's brand of power pop.

Now, after you've played these tracks a few times, get ready for the band's upcoming gig at Comet Ping Pong on January 21. Details here.

Follow Foxhall Stacks via the band's official Facebook page.

[Photo: Bill Barbot]