Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Spin New Split Single Video Here!

Jason Narducy has a sense of humor, it seems. The delightful video for his new single, "Untry Love" is a funny affair. With help from Dave Hill and Anya Marina, the Superchunk touring member learns how to work on his rock-star front-man on-stage skills. Narducy should be riding high and enjoying life at the moment as he deserves to be proud of the success of his superb new Split Single album, Metal Frames. I reviewed the album a few months and I loved it. It is a wildly accessible record full of catchy tunes.

Now, if you don't have Metal Frames already, play this video and you'll get a good sense of the sort of sharp power-pop skills Jason is bringing to this new Split Single record. Having gigged with the Bob Mould Band, Superchunk, and Robert Pollard has surely rubbed off on the cat as his own brand of that sort of muscular-and-melodic indie is worthy of comparison with those other acts.

Everything you need to know about Jason Narducy and Split Single is on the official Split Single website. Metal Frames is out now.