Sunday, October 30, 2016

My Quick Look At The New One From Dischord Renaissance Man Jerry Busher

Jerry Busher is probably best known as the guy from French Toast, right? Or maybe that guy who added percussion to some Fugazi releases? Or maybe a member of the legendary Fidelity Jones? Or the touring-drummer for Deathfix? Well, now let's hope that he'll get known for a release under his own name.

Bowl in a China Shop may be the first true solo release from Busher and for that reason it's significant to anyone following harDCore and its legacy. Mind you, this is not harDCore. No, what Busher's unleashed here is part Durutti Column, part tape mix, part gentle rumination. If the superb "How It Goes" is a bit Nick Drake, then it's a sort of post-punk spin on that sort of thing. The excellent "Gated" is eerie sound collage and jazzy trip-hop percussive workout. Frankly, this one wouldn't have sounded out of place on any of the last few Radiohead albums. Elsewhere, the woozy "B.I.A.C.S." churns like a bit of an Elfman soundtrack at the wrong speed, while "Wait" nods in the direction of Iron and Wine and similar neo-folk acts.

All that said, this is unique music that is a bit hard to describe. My comparisons are simply reference points. A far easier way to understand what is hopefully the first of many solo releases from Busher is simply to buy this and immerse yourself in it.

Bowl in a China Shop by Jerry Busher is out now. You can follow Jerry Busher's solo career via his official Facebook page.