Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bitter Blessings: A Few Words About The New One From Muuy Biien

The new album from Georgia's Muuy Biien is so unlike most current indie that surely it deserves some credit simply for that reason alone. That the record is full of insistent tunes is another reason it is something to seek out when it drops this Friday on Autumn Tone.

Age of Uncertainty opener "Moral Compass" saunters in with a whole lot of Gun Club-style swagger, while "Sike Song" offers up more propulsive charms. If "Bitter Blessings" channels Nick Cave's early projects a bit, "Another Chore" adds some elements from Cabaret Voltaire and Fall records to the music on offer. The melodic "Mara" seems the highlight of his release, while the grimly fun "In The Pits" charms with a bit of Iggy Pop-style energy. At their best, like on the Saints-recalling "If It Pleased You", Muuy Biien work up a formidable racket that seems to echo so many other worthy post-punk pioneers. Fans of The Triffids, The Birthday Party, and The Cramps should find much to love here.

Age of Uncertainty is out on Friday from Autumn Tone. Follow Muuy Biien via the band's official Facebook page.

[Photo: Jordan Reyes]