Monday, September 26, 2016

This New Luxury Death Single Is Your Jam Of The Week!

This new cut from Manchester's Luxury Death proves 2 things indisputably: 1) that city has produced, and continues to produce, more interesting bands than perhaps any other place in the United Kingdom, and, 2) PNKSLM continues to offer up some of the best indie-pop being created anywhere these days. Would it be too much to say that anything from Manchester and anything on PNKSLM was worth a listen? Probably not a stretch to say that, right?

Luxury Death is Ben Thompson and Meg Williams and they're joined in live settings by Tommy Stewart on bass and Luke Rowland on drums. The duo make tunes that recall the great Ultra Vivid Scene along with those early My Bloody Valentine recordings prior to the arrival of so much feedback. The songs from this pair are strong and one can only hope that they're recording more as we groove on this new single.

"I Feel Your Pain" is out now and you can buy it via the link below. Follow the band via their official Facebook page, and be sure to check in with PNKSLM for more news on Luxury Death and similarly great indie-pop.