Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New Single From Young Romance Plays Here!

I am positively thrilled that London duo Young Romance are finally set to release a full-length album. After blogging about each morsel of fuzzy indie that these 2 have dropped in the last few years, I'm eager to hear so much more. In the meantime, as the release date of that LP draws closer, the band have offered up a new track.

"Disappear" is less near-shoegaze and more post-punk, Claire's vocals here more subdued and less ecstatic. There are traces on this one of bands as disparate as Siouxsie and the Banshees, Cranes, and Elastica but the overall effect is unique in the way that each cut from Young Romance has been previously. Paolo works up a nice bit of racket behind her vocals and the overall effect is vaguely like something by The White Stripes, minus the blues-y bits.

This is another gem from this band and while Young Romance have released precious few cuts in the last 3 years, each has been superb. Not since Childhood has a band gotten me so hooked as a listener so early. Luckily, the wait is nearly over as the full-length debut will be out this Autumn.

Follow Young Romance via the band's official Facebook page.

[Photo: Young Romance Facebook page, uncredited]