Friday, September 9, 2016

Best Thing You're Gonna Hear This Week Is Probably This New Split Single Track!

Really, you can't knock the credentials of this cat, can you? Touring bassist for Superchunk, member of Bob Mould's band -- Jason Narducy is an indie Renaissance man, ain't he? And now he's back with his own band, Split Single, and a teaser track ahead of the November release of the band's new album.

"Leave My Mind" is part late-period Superchunk -- Jon Wurster plays drums on this, after all -- and part Wilco -- that band's John Stirrett handles the bass here -- but, in the end, all Narducy. His voice brings this a sort of polish that a lot of indie lacks and one can approach this as a sort of more reflective spin on the sort of one-man-band power-pop that guys like Jason Falkner did so well so long ago. Contemplative and punchy, "Leave My Mind" offers a distinctive sort of alt-rock that makes one long for more cuts of this kind. The new full-length record, Metal Frames, will be out in November.

So, listeners, for now follow Jason Narducy and Split Single on the official Split Single band website, or on the official Facebook page for Split Single.

[Photo: Marina Chavez]