Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Quick Look At The New One From Magic Trick

Tim Cohen is probably better known for his work in The Fresh and Onlys but there's a chance, after a listen to Other Man's Blues, out now on Empty Cellar Records, that people will soon know him just as much for Magic Trick. On this new album from the band, the music is supple, languid, trippy goodness that is redolent of a lot of wonderful influences.

On stuff like "Forest Of Kates" and "I Held The Ring", Cohen and his band get behind music that unfurls like bits of Big Star, Mojave 3, and even Built to Spill -- disparate influences all, the myriad styles blend together expertly here. There's a hint of the Dead on "First Thought", while "Scorpio" shines with the barest trace of the sort of blissful melodicism that one found in early Verve cuts. "Eternal Summer" is tuneful and light, while the superb "Purest Thing" brings a trace of Seventies FM Rock precision to the presentation here. "Startling Chimes" even hints at a love of The Clean here among the players on Other Man's Blues.

Alternately lush and hazy, this new Magic Trick record is a fine, fine release. Featuring appearances from members of The Cairo Gang, Beach House, and Aislers Set, Other Man's Blues is a modest gem that charms due to the overall effect on offer here.

Follow Magic Trick via the band's official Facebook page. Other Man's Bluesis out now on Empty Cellar Records.