Friday, July 15, 2016

Heads Up About The New Joanna Gruesome Single!

There's a new Joanna Gruesome single out now, more details on the release here, and it's safe to say that it's gonna blow your socks off as soon as you spin it in the format of your choice.

Called "Pretty F***king Sick (Of It All)" -- asterisks mine -- the cut roars in on a blast of guitar-noise that duels with the vocals of new vocalists Kate Stonestreet and Roxy Brennan. The single, a follow-up of sorts to the band's excellent 2015 album, Peanut Butter, is also a declaration of intent. As the press materials indicate rather cryptically about this cut and the flip, "Occult Bookshop":

“This song is about being pursued by intelligence operatives and is partly set in the Welsh village of Llangrannog. It is influenced by our recent U.S tour, during which the CIA took a special interest in the group’s movements. ["Occult Bookshop"] is an origin story, detailing the first meeting of the group. It is also about using astrological means to strengthen, receive and administer crushes."

Get with the weirdness now, Joanna Gruesome fans. This is surely gonna be your hit of the summer. Order here, and get more details on the band's previous releases via Slumberland Records.