Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spin This Marvelous New Track From Big Deal Here!

I wonder how many other Yanks have heard Big Deal and know the tunes of Alice Costelloe's previous outfit, Pull in Emergency? That earlier band got rave reviews here on this site a few years back and it's a safe bet to say that Big Deal will be too. The new Big Deal track, "Avalanche", is a taster for the band's first album, Say Yes, which will drop in about a month on FatCat Records.

This cut, like earlier tracks from Big Deal, is all kinds of awesome. Equal parts PJ Harvey and Pixies, the tune is a glorious mess of noise kept from descending into chaos by these 4 smart young players. Fans of Th' Faith Healers and late-period Sonic Youth should thoroughly enjoy this as much as I did.

Until the album drops, please follow Big Deal via the band's official Facebook page.