Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It's Coming: A Look At The New Spice Boys EP On PNKSLM

At a certain point, one doesn't even know how to describe the abrasive-yet-gloriously-tuneful racket heard on the new EP from Sweden's Spice Boys. Spice City, out now on the label that has yet to make a misstep (PNKSLM), is 6 tracks of clattering, clangin' near-punk noise wrapped about some pretty buoyant melodies.

If "It's Coming" is Parquet Courts on acid, then "Lost Time" is a ragin' take on early Pavement raved up to 11. "Black Scarabs" and the wonderfully-titled "Fuk Luv" are more of the same, with rich melodies shining out from underneath the Birthday Party-like sonic trappings. "Can't Turn Back" offers up some "Beavis and Butthead" samples amid the feedback, while closer "Vessel" is a catchy bit of business like classic Swell Maps singles done up for the 21st Century.

I really don't know what to expect from this band next. Seemingly coming out of nowhere to drop such an EP, Sweden's Spice Boys, like any band at the moment on PNKSLM, offer up a uniquely tuneful take on the post-punk paradigm where noise meets melody. Retro and of the future, the music of Spice Boys is infectious and a bit dangerous. Dig it folks!

Follow Spice Boys via the band's official Facebook page or on the PNKSLM website.