Tuesday, April 19, 2016

This New Boys Cut Is Gonna Charm Your Socks Off

A few months back, I was raving about "Ever Before" in posts like this one. By the time that the first EP dropped from Boys, reviewed by me here, I was a firm fan of the Swedish band led by Nora Karlsson of the also-excellent Holy. If it was possible to be even more in love with the music of Boys now than I was then, it's 'cause of stuff like the new single. Called "Happy Hour", the cut is a rolling mass of indie styles all wrapped around Nora's laconic-yet-forceful vocals.

Now more of a band proposition than on the earlier EP, Boys are making music that is reminiscent of stuff like the work of Broadcast and Stereolab but which stands on its own as something unique and not entirely beholden to any obvious genre (despite owing a debt to several). The new EP will be out in May via PNKSLM and I am very eager to hear even more new music from Boys.

Follow Boys via the band's official Facebook page, and via the band's label, PNKSLM.