Thursday, April 14, 2016

New Music From Close Lobsters Is Here!

It's been a few years since the band put out a new single, and less than a year since Fire Records did the universe a favor and reissued the band's entire classic back catalogue, but now The Close Lobsters are here to offer up music every bit as affecting and inspiring as the sounds on those previous releases. "Under London Skies" is an epic rave-up that name-checks the leader of The Only Ones among other seminal London touchstones.

The cut, the first taste of a new EP due out soon on Shelf Life Records, is in-line with "I Kiss The Flowers In Bloom" in terms of sound and sonic affect. If Burnett and the boys have now survived being indie survivors, it's due to the strength of song-writing at the heart of the music of The Close Lobsters. Surely this cut is as chill-inducing as recent releases from Comet Gain, or even the best moments from the reunited Go-Betweens' output about a decade or so ago, and -- it goes without saying -- every bit as good as the tunes on the releases that made this band such a cherished act in 1987-1989.

Play "Under London Skies" here and then keep your eye on the Shelf Life site for news on the new EP from The Close Lobsters.