Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Word About The Trippy Welsh Weirdness Of Caru Cariad

Caru Cariad is one Ben Mason, more or less. He's from Wales. The "band" is gonna drop a new EP called Massive Brain Flex Vol. 4.2 tomorrow. It's a mind-eraser, really.

"I Will" is all samples and bits of noise that renders it close to an old Colourbox jam, while "Water Baby" is a chirpy riff riding off into eternity. "At David's" is an old slasher score redone in the spirit of an electro Barry Adamson. The EP closes on the short "Imagining Sound" which uses a nice beat, some spoken word samples, and a buzzing keyboard to pretty good effect.

Not entirely electronic and not a sampling act, Caru Cariad are here offering up some sonic explorations well worth undertaking. Dig it!

Massive Brain Flex Vol. 4.2 will be out tomorrow. For more information on Caru Cariad, please check out the act's official Facebook page.