Friday, February 19, 2016

Spin New Tunes Here From The Persuasion (Nick From The Yetis)!

The bad news is that The Yetis are no more, apparently. The good news -- (and it's very good news indeed) -- is that front-man Nick Gillespie has got a new project, The Persuasion, and the act is releasing a bit of music to get listeners primed for this new venture.

Coming on like "Help The Aged"-era Jarvis Cocker cooing in front of mid-period Roxy Music, "Leave Her Alone" is a true space-age love song and an expertly produced little slice of Americanized Britpop. "Just Like Torture" rattles like "Icing Sugar" from The Cure but less goth and more New Romantic in the overall vibe.

For the moment, follow The Persuasion via their official Facebook page and then look for new stuff to hopefully show up on Soundcloud in the future.