Monday, February 8, 2016

Early Notice About How Great This Quilt Album Is

Quilt make music that recalls Unrest and Yo La Tengo. There, do I have your attention now? The band's upcoming album is called Plaza and it's out very soon on Mexican Summer and it's fantastic.

Opener "Passerby" unfurls like the Velvet Underground, or even Luna, while the blissful and catchy "Roller" charms like any Bridget Cross-sung song from the peak days of D.C. area indie-pop legends Unrest. Most of Plaza is similar and just as delightful.

Quilt is John Andrews (vocals, drums), Anna Rochinski (vocals, guitar, organ), Shane Butler (vocals, guitar), and Keven Lareau (vocals, bass) and the band's music seems most memorable when Anna is taking the vocal duties. That said, when one of the guys in the band -- not sure which one -- takes over on "Searching For" the results are just as good and the tune bounces along like Luna, or even The Feelies. This is superb American indie-pop and I'm sort of embarrassed that this band dropped 2 albums before this that sort of slipped past me.

If "Padova" recalls the Sixties-leanings of bands like Ultimate Painting in some small way, then "Your Island" nods in the direction of old Mazzy Star cuts but with a good deal more pep. Plaza ends with "Own Ways" which rattles in the manner of Jefferson Airplane, or even early American alt-rock like The Swimming Pool Q's.

Plaza is a wonderful surprise. Quilt seem to be experts at blending a few influences into something fairly fresh and unique. Languid and catchy, the tunes here are all charmers. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go buy their first 2 albums.

You can follow Quilt via their official Facebook page or via their official website.