Monday, February 8, 2016

A Few Words About The Lovely Dream-Pop Of Winnipeg's Living Hour

I realize that dream-pop is a loaded term. It's a term that would have been a better word to describe the breadth of music on the recent "shoegaze" box set on Cherry Red Records, as "shoegaze" doesn't always do the trick. That there are still bands making music as splendid and beautiful as the work of those pioneers is something to be happy about as a music fan, as is the music of Winnipeg's Living Hour.

The band is set to drop its self-titled debut album on Lefse Records in a matter of days and I'm here to sing that record's praises. If the wonderfully-titled "Summer Smog" recalls late period Cocteau Twins, or even 4AD winners Swallow, then "Seagull" offers up something close to what could best be described as a rather catchy take on Slowdive's expansive dream-pop. There's that word again!

Perhaps my favorite track is the gloriously languid "Steady Glazed Eyes" which charms in the style of those slower, early Lush numbers. Living Hour closes on the nearly Sigur Ros-like "Feel Shy" which unfurls with a sense of deliberation and ease, all careful bliss mapped out by these players.

Living Hour by Living Hour is a superb collection of the sort of dream-pop one wishes more bands made with this degree of skill these days. Serious without being too pretentious, this is one for fans of Mojave 3 or The Moon and the Melodies. Out in about a week or so on Lefse Records, Living Hour by Living Hour should be on your radar.

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