Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Best New Track Of The Week Has To Be This One From Golden Daze

Coming on like a West Coast USA version of the U.K.'s fantastic Childhood, Golden Daze really have brought the goodness on this one, haven't they? Is it too late to cram this one into my best tracks of 2015-mix?

"Salt" by Golden Daze is the first taste of the band's upcoming debut on Autumn Tone, the same label as the decidedly more ramshackle Twin Peaks. Golden Daze mine a vein of indie pop that stretches from the laid-back tunes of the nearly-forgotten Beulah, over to U.K. stuff like Childhood and Temples, and even back to the old East Coast shoegaze excursions of the D.C. area's own The Ropers.

Call this what you want but let this song wash over you and make you forget all that talk of genre. The 21st century's version of what the Beach Boys were trying to do? Yeah, maybe. An update on the near-shoegaze template? Yeah, sure, whatever.

Look, "Salt" by Golden Daze is a bit of warm summery bliss on days that are getting increasingly brisk here in D.C. Dig it now and get ready for the release of the full-length debut in February.

Follow Golden Daze via their official official Facebook page or via Autumn Tone Records.