Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pics From Last Night's Rocket From The Tombs (Pere Ubu) Gig In D.C.

Due to work commitments, I simply couldn't make the Rocket From The Tombs gig last night in D.C. even though I wanted to see the Pere Ubu precursors in action so badly. Luckily, my pal Davis White (drummer for Slumberland Records legends Lorelei), was able to take a few shots. The good news is that he's a far better photographer than I'll ever be and he was kind enough to share the pics with me here.

The new Rocket From The Tombs album, Black Record, is out now on Fire Records and it is a beast of an album -- fiery and ferocious in all the right ways and full the stuff of life that countless younger indie zombies will never harness. If you remember my recent interview with Pere Ubu and Rocket From The Tombs frontman David Thomas you'll remember that the artist himself made a point of stressing how disconnected his crew felt from punk. That may be but there's simply no other way to describe the fire of this band's output than the word punk, especially since Pere Ubu approached something closer to art rock at times.

Grab Black Record from Rocket From The Tombs now. It's out on Fire Records. A big "Thank you!" to Davis White of Lorelei, Sansyou, and The New Lines. Go see Lorelei in a rare gig at the Black Cat in D.C. on December 28, 2015.

Follow Rocket From The Tombs via the official Pere Ubu website: UbuProjex.com. Black Record from Rocket From The Tombs is out now via Fire Records.

(All photos Davis White, 2015)