Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Look At The New Pinemen EP On PNKSLM

I've been riding the PNKSLM wave pretty hard lately but that's 'cause the label is on a roll. There are just too many damn good things on there, frankly, to keep up with sometimes. Case in point: the new Pinemen EP just dropped and I was a bit late in getting on board with it. I'm on board now, man.

Pleasant Pain by the Pinemen is out now and it's 6 tracks of corking Sixties-vibed indie in the style of American acts like Allah-Las. "That Certain Flavour" glides by like those Twin Peaks kids from Chicago, while "Essence of Easy Going" offers up some skewed pop that bears a hint of angular new wave like Talking Heads. "Praise Yourself" rages (a bit), while "I Never Cry" unfurls at a deliberate pace.

Sweden's Pinemen are yet another in a string of great, new bands from that country. They've found the perfect home on PNKSLM. Pleasant Pain, the newest EP from the cats, is out now.

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