Sunday, November 1, 2015

This White Fang Album Is A Mind-Eraser!

If you love rock 'n' roll, you should get down on your knees and thank God that White Fang exist. I feel older and older everyday and music -- at least, a lot of it -- keeps getting worse and worse and then something like Chunks comes along. The album dropped last Friday on Burger Records and it's easily the most fun your ears are gonna have in ages. [That sounds stupid but it's hard to translate the sheer snotty-nosed exuberance of this one!]

From the riffs of "Wrecked", to the monstrous single "Bong Rip", to the monumentally heavy Sabbath-Iggy mash-up of "Chairman of the Bored", Chunks delivers the f-ing goods. Part Fu Manchu, part White Reaper, part Monster Magnet, these cuts are all blasts of energy. If "Turning Square" shows a sort of self-aware sense of wry humor in one of the album's rare moments of clarity, things are right back to chaos with the aptly-named "Fuck" -- how can you not love this band?

Chunks closes with the 1-2 punch -- no pun intended -- of winners "Pissing in Your Driveway", all Tenacious D with real instruments or something, and "Shit On My Shoe", all weary melody and wooziness.

This is simply great rock 'n' roll, let's not be clever about it. It's funny and it makes me smile each time I play it so for those reasons -- and the fact that I was nodding my head furiously to some of these jams -- I offer a hearty recommendation of this White Fang album.

Chunks by White Fang is out now via Burger Records. Follow White Fang if you must via the band's sorta official Facebook page.