Monday, November 9, 2015

A Quick Review Of The Excellent New One From Model Village (Plus Free Download)

This British band are making music you'd enjoy if you like late-period Belle and Sebastian and early Prefab Sprout. And I sort of owe it to music fans to sound the trumpet on this one 'cause Model Village make exactly the sort of British indie pop that this listener loves.

The band's new album, Healing Centre, will be out on Friday and it's well worth a listen. If "Pick and Mix" expertly channels The Wannadies, then "Sorry" sounds like both B&S spin-off God Help The Girl as well as The Sundays.

Model Village have a unique ability to blend some very obvious influences into something wholly unique. Sure, there are portions of "Time to Share" that made me think of Ooberman and early, great Everything But The Girl stuff, but the track, which you can download for free below, has a funky vibe all its own. Charming and full of brash indie spirit, it's the sort of thing that made me a fan of Model Village after one listen.

Model Village are not exactly re-inventing the wheel here on Healing Centre but that's okay. This is bright, exceedingly well-crafted pop of the sort that's in short supply these days. Infinitely catchier than the last few Belle and Sebastian albums, Healing Centre is full of the sort of indie pop that you need in your life. So order this one now.

Follow Model Village via their official Facebook page. Buy Healing Centre via the link below from Bandcamp.