Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Heads Up About The All-New Pop Charms Of Boys Forever (Patrick From Veronica Falls)

These 2 tunes are only demos but they are still 2 of the best things I've heard this week. Patrick Doyle of Slumberland Records greats Veronica Falls has gone solo...for a bit. Maybe not permanently.

Like his bandmate James Hoare with his projects Mazes and Ultimate Painting, Patrick's Boys Forever mines the past to make the indie of the future. Or something like that.

"Brian" reminded me of one of those early Creation bands covering some obscure old Left Banke song. Catchy and simple, the track is sure to get stuck in your head after one play. "Underground" has more of a riff that makes me long to hear the full version as I can sort of imagine these hooks being expanded in interesting ways. Of the two tracks, this one bears more of a trace of the sound of Veronica Falls.

Follow Boys Forever on their official Facebook page for now.