Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Look At The Splendid New Album From The Mantles

You're gonna be hearing a lot about the new album from The Mantles this week. And maybe you don't need me to join in too but I'm going to 'cause I really liked this album a lot and it deserves all the attention it's getting and will continue to get in the next week and after that.

All Odds End, out on Friday via Slumberland Records, is an expertly crafted collection of effortlessly catchy tunes that bear traces of Sixties greats as well as select indie trail-blazers. It's also the album on which The Mantles stake their claim at being one of today's best bands. Read on.

"Island" and "Lay It Down" kick off All Odds End with a one-two punch of pop that recalls The Verlaines, a few other Flying Nun bands, and Velocity Girl, pioneers of Slumberland Records. If "Hate to See You Go" is like some Nuggets gem brought back from the abyss of obscurity, then "Police My Love" more directly connects to the Sixties via the legacy of the the V.U. sound. "Lately" is more dramatic and drawn-out, while "Doorframe" chimes like The Byrds in spots.

"Time to Come Away" continues on in that vein, while the Clean-like "Undelivered" shines as one of the real highlights of All Odds End. "Best Sides" rides a strong riff that made me think of Translator and Wire Train and those 415 Records bands from the Eighties, while album closer "Stay" offers up a more familiar sort of modern indie with an organ hook holding things together.

All Odds End is a remarkably solid and consistent set of songs that made me more of a fan of The Mantles than I probably was before. Expertly performed and produced, this is one of 2015's best albums so far. Seemingly straddling more of a Sixties vibe than most other bands on the Slumberland Records roster, The Mantles manage to turn their reverence of that sort of song-craft into music that sounds timeless. Sure, you can find traces of indie forefathers here if you listen close and pick things apart, but what's most striking is how much this record defines the sound of The Mantles. I'm sort of embarrassed I didn't follow this band so much before. But, it's not too late to be a big Mantles fan. Listen to All Odds End and you'll see what I mean.

All Odds End by The Mantles is out Friday on Slumberland Records.

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