Wednesday, September 23, 2015

You Can't Always Be Liked (But You Can Play Awesome Music By Expert Alterations Here)

Baltimore's Expert Alterations today shared quite possibly one of the best songs you're likely to hear in 2015. Produced by Archie Moore of local indie legends Velocity Girl, this cut from the young men in Expert Alterations is a supple mix of various influences all swirled together to make something wholly affecting and fresh.

"You Can't Always Be Liked", the title cut from the band's upcoming album on Kanine Records, out October 30, breezes in with bits that sound like The Sundays and bits that sound like The Wedding Present. After a careful and deliberate intro passage, it's pure perfection all the way. Chiming, catchy, and all kinds of awesome, "You Can't Always Be Liked" could almost be my favorite song from this band. Well...let's talk about that when the album drops in about a month.

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You Can't Always Be Liked will be out on Kanine Records on October 30.