Sunday, September 13, 2015

Video And A Few Pics From Record Release Show From The Jet Age

The Jet Age played Villain and Saint in Bethesda last night. The gig was the 'record release show' for their superb new one, Destroy.Rebuild. You probably already read my rave review of that record and the boys in the band showcased a few cuts from that LP tonight. Sounding simultaneously looser and more in-command than they did the last time I saw them, The Jet Age reaffirmed themselves as some of the best musicians in this area. Eric Tischler, Greg Bennett, and Pete Nuwayser are bosses of the guitar, the bass, and the drum-kit and combined they create a ferocious racket that moves and sways and thoroughly charms.

Perhaps the best example I can give of their skill-set and strength as a combo is in my poorly shot video of "It Cuts Both Ways" from the new record. Dig it below and then go to the band's official website to get the album.