Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Mantles Share Slice Of Lovely Pop Ahead Of New Album

There's gonna be a lot of blogger love out there today for this one. The Mantles just shared a new cut from their upcoming Slumberland Records album All Odds End. That album will be out on October 16 but first, let's enjoy this slice of pop.

"Hate to See You Go" has a decidedly Sixties vibe to it and yet the tune is anything but retro. Nimbly linking up the kind of pop favored by The Beau Brummels and their contemporaries with a more modern sort of indie, the music of The Mantles charms and deftly tickles the eardrums. Catchy, modest in scope, and altogether splendid, this is exactly how pop is supposed to sound.

All Odds End will be out on October 16 via Slumberland Records. Follow The Mantles on their official Facebook page.