Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Best Thing I've Heard In Ages Is Pretty Much Everything From Dripping Wet

It's safe to say that the cats in Dripping Wet are all probably too young to have firsthand knowledge of all the bands I'm gonna compare them to. But, so what? This is just fabulous music. Hailing from Denton, Texas, the band Dripping Wet -- Jonny Covach, John Rusch, Joshua Serrano, and Matt Phan -- make music that is gonna make some of you swear it's 1993 all over again.

Rather than see that as a bad thing, I prefer to see that as a glorious thing as the Ride-like ripples of "Pretender" echo in my ears. Of the other cuts of note on the band's latest release, ...In Mokkori High, there's the sublime "Really" which is the dream-combination of The Ropers and The Swirlies I always wished would exist. Not only does that cut have all the requisite shoegaze bases covered, it's got a fairly traditional and wicked guitar solo in the middle of it. Elsewhere, there's "Perfect Drift" with its take on the C86 template, and "She's Not Mine" which bears favorable, trippy comparisons to U.K. geniuses Childhood.

These dudes need to get back in the studio and record an album. Fans of The Lilys, Velocity Girl, and Literature will dig this.

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