Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Quick Look At The Mary Timony-Produced EP From Nox Ahead Of The Band's Upcoming Salad Days Gig With Dot Dash On Friday

Nox is a relatively new D.C. band and their EP was produced by Mary Timony. The band is playing a gig on Friday night with the harDCore legends in Dot Dash and I think that's gonna be an awesome double-bill.

"It's No Use" opens the EP with a burst of Ex Hex-like energy while "Now We're Even" admirably unfurls with a hint of menace not unlike the stuff Timony cranked out in Autoclave long before she was in Helium. This is not to say that the members of Nox are intentionally trying to sound like their producer but that their sound bears worthy comparisons to Timony's stuff. High praise indeed, eh?

"Test Subject" bops along like some lost gem from the glory days of the first youthful wave of U.K. post-punk, while EP closer "Insane" charms like some of the early singles I used to like so much from Britpop-era rockers Kenickie. Over the course of only 4 songs, Nox show some considerable skill in a few genres. I consider myself a fan now and am anxious to hear more from this band.

Nox are playing a special gig at D.C.'s Comet Ping Pong on Friday to celebrate the release of the Salad Days (2014) DVD. They're opening for Dot Dash and assuming that the city doesn't get flooded this weekend thanks to the hurricane brewing down south, it should be a great show. It will also be the third weekend in a row that I've seen Dot Dash live.

Details on the Nox/Dot Dash Salad Days gig are here.

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