Monday, August 31, 2015

Connections Do Aerosmith (And The Result Is A Sloppy And Glorious Mess, As Well As A Free Download!)

Somehow -- and I really don't know how -- Columbus, Ohio's favorite sons, Connections, have managed to out Aerosmith Aerosmith. I mean, this cover of the hair metal-era Aerosmith "classic" "Cryin'" sounds more like respectable hard rock-era Aerosmith than seems possible. In this cover of a Nineties nugget, the dudes in Connections have found a kernel of badassery the dad of Liv Tyler had lost along the way. Well done, fellas.

Connections are busy working on a new album and continuing to perfect their uniquely American brand of ramshackle indie rock. They are supremely underrated and with every bit of attention they get, I keep thinking they deserve even more. We don't have Guided By Voices anymore but we've got Connections and that's okay with me.

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