Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Quick Review Of The Rats On Rafts Racket

On their new album, Rats on Rafts make an enormous racket. Seemingly riding a trend lately of bands pushing things up into the high end -- see White Reaper for reference as well -- the boys in this Dutch band ride the sort of riffs not heard since Porcupine by Echo and the Bunnymen a few decades back. The epic "Sleep Little Child" unfurls like the Stone Roses in spots, only without the beats, and "Powder Monkey" clatters like a bunch of naff garage rockers practicing, stewed to the gills.

At their best, Rats on Rafts channel bands as diverse as early Spiritualized and late period Primal Scream in the service of "Zebradelic" and other propoulsive rockers. At their worst, they are still more interesting than a ton of bands I've sampled this year.

Tape Hiss by Rats on Rafts is out now via Fire Records. Follow the band on their official Facebook page or via RatsOnRafts.com.