Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Few Words About The New Mind-Blower From Herbcraft

I'm not gonna lie to you and tell that this record is full of top tunes but I'll level with you and tell you that it's a mind-blower all the same. Acidic, rough, blissful, and extraordinary, the new LP from Herbcraft, Wot Oz, out Friday on Woodsist, is the sort of thing that very few bands are wiling to attempt these days.

Sure, there are some relatively shorter and more accessible tunes here but when you're faced with something like the 10+ minute Stooges-like dirge of "Fit-Ur Head" you can only crank it up, nod along, and hope the headphones don't fall off.

"Au's Nation" calms things down for a spell and then "Push Thru The Veil" does just what its title indicates. Blending a Hendrix-like hook and some harder beats, the cut rides a groove into the void.

As "No More Doors" nods in the direction of early Loop and Spacemen 3, fans of those acts should easily gravitate towards this band. Herbcraft are not making pop but they are making challenging and invigorating music.

Wot Oz is out Friday via Woodsist.