Monday, August 24, 2015

A Few Words About The Fine New Album From Woolen Men

Somewhere in the marketing for this band was something that made me think I might not like the album. I don't remember what it was but whatever it was, it gave me the idea that this might be too precious or something. It's not. It is a glorious racket in spots.

Temporary Monument is the new album by Woolen Men and it's out next week on Woodsist. One listen to the expert blending of Camper Van Beethoven and Mission of Burma that is "University" had me hooked. Elsewhere, like on stuff like "Alien City", the 3 guys in this band imagine a sort of near-acoustic version of Big Black. "The Dissolving Man" twitches admirably in the style of The Embarrassment, while "The Wheel" rides an update on a Ramones riff into oblivion. "After the Flood" channels solo Tom Verlaine to fantastic effect but the 3 lads in Woolen Men seem to work best when they've got the amps up and the chords fast and choppy -- think an American Wedding Present in spots.

The tunes on Temporary Monument are simple ones on some level but they also pack a lot of fury. Alternately exuberant, unpolished, and catchy, the songs of Woolen Men are something new to wrap your ears around.

Temporary Monument is out on September 4 on Woodsist. Follow the band on their official Facebook page.