Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Chills Prep New Album: Spin First Single Here!

For nearly 30 years I've been asking myself why more people weren't singing the praises of The Chills. But now it seems as if the group have been getting more well-deserved attention and critical respect. And that's sure to expand significantly with this new cut.

The band, under the guidance of mastermind Martin Phillipps, are set to release a new album on Fire Records in October. That is, indeed, glorious news. Following on from fairly recent single "Molten Gold", we've been gifted with "America Says Hello", the first "official" cut from the new record.

The layered and charging track offers up the sort of indie pop that only The Chills can make -- think "Part Past Part Fiction" in terms of sound even if the lyrical concerns are are altogether different.

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Silver Bullets from The Chills will be out in October via Fire Records.

[Photo credit: Bryce Holtshousen]