Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Best Thing You Hear This Week Might Very Well Be This Free MP3 From Australia's The Oyster Murders

I have no friggin' idea what the band's name means but this single from The Oyster Murders is pretty damn good. The Australian band is making it available as a free download on their Soundcloud page and I would urge you to grab it now.

There are hints of Doves and The Arcade Fire here but I also hear a trace of late-period Supergrass in "When You're Wrong" and it's that spark of life that made me like this more than I expected to. And, most importantly, this is darn catchy despite the fact that it's, on some levels, serious music. The drums sound fantastic too and I'm a sucker for that so...

Grab the single and then follow The Oyster Murders on their official Facebook page.