Sunday, July 12, 2015

Quick Heads Up About This New Peacers Record

One of these dudes was in Sic Alps and the record's got Ty Segall all over it. Interested yet?

The self-titled debut from Peacers - Mike Donovan, Wendy Farina, and Eric Park -- is a sometimes trippy, sometimes stompin' sort of record. Mining a similar vein of rock to what Ty Segall does so successfully, Peacers are at their best when they underpin the jams with a strong hook ("Laze It" or the Flaming Lips-like "At the Milkshake Hop").

While stuff like "Heiress Chilton" is not going to set the world on fire but, rather, get stoned while it burns, a more direct effort like "Kick on the Plane" offers up sort of Royal Trux lite with a take on the Stones circa 1967 that is refreshing and hard not to like.

If "Mary Jane/Glorious Sunshine" provides more of the same, the chords of "Blume" give a listener something to grove to.

Wildly appealing in large dosages, Peacers by Peacers is a gem of the summer release season. Fans of Ty Segall will dig this even as their minds are expanded a bit.

Peacers by Peacers is out now via Drag City.