Saturday, June 13, 2015

Spin Terriffic New Track From The Jet Age Here!

Am I to believe from the spiffy new promo pic of the 3 dudes in The Jet Age riding large in a convertible that the new Jet Age album will be "cruisin' music", to paraphrase The Raspberries? Well, yeah, pretty intense "cruising music." Having heard Destroy.Rebuild already, I am happy to begin the hype for the record by sharing a track.

The Jet Age -- Eric Tischler, Greg Bennett, and Pete Nuwayser -- open up "The World Is Bigger Than My Two Hands" with a melding of the guitar-style of one-time touring mates The Wedding Presnet with a rhythm section workout that recalls Zep in spots. Tischler's vocals on this new one are superb. He sounds relaxed and confident here and as "The World Is Bigger Than My Two Hands" erupts in a squall of guitar-noise and drum-rolls, the tune washes over a listener like the shoegaze template expansions of Swervedriver.

There's a sense of real progression to be found on this new track. If this one sounds nothing like a lot of what was on the excellent Jukebox Memoir (2014) that's okay 'cause, once again, The Jet Age are pushing some boundaries and expanding their trademark sound in some exciting ways.

Dig it!

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Destroy.Rebuild will be out in August. Details via the link below.