Sunday, May 17, 2015

Heads Up About The Sublime Pleasures Of Nottingham's Debris Slide

Nottingham's Debris Slide are doing things right. They are crafting expansive mind-blowers that defy easy categorization. Part shoegaze, part NYC No Wave, the tunes here on their new record, Araido, are equal parts guitar workouts and near-postpunk head-bobbers. "Education Pt. 1" throbs like Meat Whiplash or early JAMC, while the wonderfully titled "Fantasy Football is Ruining My Life" is punky, early Sonic Youth mixed with a dollop of Spiritualized.

On a cut like "Bury Me" there's a hint of stuff like early tracks from The Verve -- gasp! -- but Debris Slide are a better, less pretentious band. There's a mix of fire and delight in sonic exploration here that made me an instant fan of the band. A lesser act would have stuck with just one aspect of this music and ridden either the fast cuts to shoegaze revivalist glory or tried to make themselves into England's answer to Kim Gordon and her crew.

I highly recommend Araido by Debris Slide. You can find out more details on this band via their official Facebook page.